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AquaWatch™ Overview

AquaWatch™ is a simple to install, low-cost system which monitors property for water leaks or other water events which occur when no one is on site to witness the problem. With unoccupied properties, costly water problems can go hours or days before being identified. With AquaWatch™ property managers can be notified within seconds of the identification of a problem via the AquaWatch™ App or text message. Consider AquaWatch™ your “Fitbit” for the plumbing infrastructure, strapped onto pipes, then watching for abnormalities through the building’s piping system.

How it Works

AquaWatch™ battery-powered sensors “listen” to water flow throughout the plumbing, and wirelessly transfer data to AquaSeca’s analytics hub. In the hub data is analyzed, and if unexpected usage occurs notifications and alerts are sent through the app and SMS text so that problems can be addressed immediately. With water, time is off the essence, so fast identification and notification dramatically reduces damage, loss and interruption of operations.