In buildings with complex plumbing infrastructures, knowing where all the water goes is often a mystery. AquaSeca’s technology, which combines robust data analytics with non-invasive sensing, the mystery is solved.


Simple to install and operate:

  • Non-invasive, battery operated sensors strapped to accessible pipes

  • Patented multi-sensor architecture collects acoustic data

  • Unique operational fingerprint for monitored area is established

  • Machine learning and algorithms identify unexpected events and provide usage info

  • Alerts sent within seconds of problem identification

  • Optional interface to electronic shutoff valves


Fast Leak Detection | Real Time Monitoring | Easy Installation without Plumbers | Broad Coverage

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Reduces water damage risk for buildings:

  • Ruptured pipes and joints

  • Malfunctioning equipment

  • Hidden leaks behind walls

  • Tenant negligence 


Consumption Management

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The AquaSeca solution provides a breadth of information and analysis to allow superior water consumption management.  Consult the AquaSeca app for quick views of usage patterns, consumption info per area/unit, volume and cost data for budgeting, monthly forecasts and more.  Understand tenant usage including monthly consumption per unit/suite, comparative usage between areas, key elements of over usage, Trend analysis and projections, and more.