The AquaSeca solution includes a network of low-cost, non-invasive, battery-powered sensors which are strapped onto accessible pipes. Sensors "listen" to water flow and transfer data to an advanced cloud-based analytics hub where the data is analyzed to create the building's unique operational water footprint.  Thereafter, the building is monitored 24/7; when unexpected usage patterns are identified, actionable alerts are sent. The system can be customized to local water restrictions and tied into shutoff valves or smart building management systems.  


Fast Leak Detection | Real Time Monitoring | Easy Installation without Plumbers | Broad Coverage

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  • Ruptured pipes and pipe joints; freezing pipes
  • Malfunctioning equipment:  pumps, appliances, fire suppression systems
  • Small leaks behind walls:  structural damage, mold, unhealthy environment
  • Tenant negligence:  running faucets, showers, hoses, leaking toilets
  • Water loss:  landscaping, toilets, malfunctioning pumps


Consumption Management

The AquaSeca solution provides a breadth of information and analysis to allow superior water consumption management.  Consult the AquaSeca app for quick views of usage patterns, use against budget, monthly forecasts and more.  Understand tenant usage including monthly consumption per unit/suite, usage compared with average, key elements of over usage, and more.